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OWSC Officers  2019                       OWSC Committee Chairs for 2019

President - John Nadler                                  Membership - Mark Heatherly

Vice President - Rick Mann                               Social - Peter Werp

Treasurer - Bill Plum                                        Website - Gayle Carr

Secretary - Gabi Paczolay                                 Site - Ben Guieb   

                                                                       Wakeboard - Keoni Miller  

                                                                       Tournament - Mark Heatherly



Oahu Water Ski Club, Inc. 

Current Operation Policy / Club Rules and Site Etiquette (04/24/97)


A) When entering the ski site slow the boat: to a “NO WAKE” speed before the turning into the area. This is to prevent the generation of rollers in the ski area. If someone is skiing wait until they have passed the entry channel before entering. Boat wakes spread out and can travel great distances. It is always better to drive a path parallel with the site orientation vs. perpendicular. This allows the wakes to clear the area much faster.  Never send wakes into someone who is skiing, wakeboarding, or operating a boat.  You are responsible for any damages caused by your wake!

B) When returning to a fallen skier: Always send any wakes away from the skiing area. It is best to stop the boat in a straight line, and then let the wake pass before turning the boat and powering back to the skier, again in a straight line. Doing this will result in much smoother water as all wakes will spread out away from the boat and skier’s pathways. Do not power turn a big 360'" circle. You should return in a path exactly opposite from that where the skier fell.

C) If more than one boat is operating in the area at a time: talk with the other boaters: and agree on a pattern or zones for each boat; or better yet, alternate rides. It is always better if the boats are using a left turning rectangular pattern. This puts the driver on the high side of the boat during turns for better visibility.

D) When aligning for the Slalom course at the clubhouse end: keep your boat path away from the other docks. Increase the angle of approach to alignment so you turn on-line to the course past the Na Alii dock. This allows an additional 50 feet clearance from the straight line approach. It also helps keeps our spray out of their boats interiors. 


However be considerate of the other members and make space for them if possible. Boat owners should recognize that Tie-offs (ropes) attached to a dock parking space are the sign someone is using the space. Park your boat elsewhere. 


Sweep out the clubhouse and take all trash home. There is no garbage pick up. If you brought it out take it back in!


This is grounds for immediate removal from the club and will not be tolerated. Water-skiing is a FAMILY sport. We want to attract people that are positive and family oriented, and will be an attribute to the Club and all its members. This is incompatible with illegal activities.


A.) The three clubs have an agreement on the site use rules for TOURNAMENT PRACTICE. All clubs have agreed to the following hours for tournament water-ski practice: From sunrise to 10:30am and 1630 to sunset on all days except for Sundays and Holidays - optional…

The skiers will take turns using the site so that ONLY one boat is operating at a time. The rotation will be from DOCK TO DOCK unless one of the docks elects not to use their turn. The skier will limit the ski run to the following, if others are waiting to ski:  

1.) Six (6) passes into the Slalom course, or not more than 10 minutes. A pass is defined as having started when the skier enters into the timing course (entry gates).

2.) Four (4) jump passes, or not more than 10 minutes. A jump pass is defined as having started when the boat passes by the ramp in the jump direction.

3.)  A total of not more than 10 minutes either TRICK skiing or any other style of free skiing (Wakeboarding, Boogie boarding, Show skiing, Hydro slides etc...).

B) Be ready to ski before the other boat is done. Do not wait until they finish skiing to get your jacket and ski out to the dock. Ideally you should be getting in the water as the other boat arrives back at the dock. This can increase the number of rides for everyone and just requires being ready when it is your turn.


Introduce yourself to other people using the Clubhouse. If they are not members be polite and offer the facilities for their use but explain the rules. If they are using our dock or clubhouse anything they do may reflect upon the OWSC. A few well chosen words right off can prevent a big problem later. If they are rude or belligerent ask them to leave, and if necessary notify the Keehi lagoon Harbor Master at the harbor office or by phone (832-3436). We do have rights to the clubhouse and dock areas as a condition of the lease with the State. Invite interested people to consider membership in the Club. Explain the basic membership requirements and take their phone number. Refer them to our website. The club will have an officer call them back. If you have any problems with other OWSC members or people from one of the other clubs (Na Alii or Hawaii Ski Association) contact the OWSC club president with the details as soon as possible. The Club president will contact the individual or the other Club's president for resolution. Remember, you are representing the OWSC whenever you are out there, and we have no control over what happens after we leave the site.


Bringing guests or visitors out to the site is OK. A member must be present and act as the sponsor for the guests. It has been agreed to that guests should be invited out to use the facilities a maximum of three times. If they are interested, this should be enough time to decide on membership. There is an exception to this for visitors (Tourists, family members or friends visiting on vacation). If you are planning a party be considerate and contact the other club members first. The facilities are for everyone's use.


a.) All children’s swimming will be limited to the area inside the line defined by the beach end of the docks. Do not allow children to swim between the docks.

b.) THERE IS NO ADULT SWIMMING between the docks if a boat is coming in, going out, or has its engine running at the dock. Diving off the end of the docks is prohibited while boats are operating in the area. The water depth around the docks varies so do not dive straight down. (Personal testimonials are available from J. Long).

c.) Due to the orientation of the docks it is best to park the boats with the bow away from the clubhouse. This allows the bow to break up any incoming wakes and prevents backwash from the boat's transom from bouncing back out into the ski area.

d.) The Fire department is required to be notified before starting a Beach fire. They will respond to the sight of a fire on the birm unless notified beforehand. Do not set any beach fires on the EWA side of the clubhouse. The grill is the only hot spot allowed on this side of the clubhouse. Do not put bottles or glass into ANY fire. Keep beach fires close to the water and check the wind direction. Flying ambers or smoke entering the clubhouse is a problem.

e.) Skiers returning from their run need to approach the docks in a controlled manner. They should aim to stop about (5) five feet away from the dock and in a path parallel to the docks edge. This is preferred as a misjudgment in speed will only carry you farther down the docks edge. Skiing into a dock in a path that is perpendicular to a docks edge can result in serious injury.