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2019 June 21, 2019 The Summer Solstice  -  All the sub-buoys were replaced below the slalom course! 

2017 Summer Meeting hosted the 1st Milestone Award given to Bob Silverstein - Bob Silverstein was born in Honolulu and started waterskiing at the site around 1960. Bob has supported the club for 50+ years and he has always been the first to renew membership. He has also provided vintage photos from the early years of OWSC that are located on the video page. If you want OWSC history, ask Bob....

below, Peter Werp, Brad Corbin, Bob / Ben & Stephanie Guieb, Gayle Carr, Bob. Kudos to Rick Mann for hosting the June meeting / pool Party at his beautiful home. Kudos to Bill Plum for doing the "legwork" on the Award! Nice Job.......🏆


2015 Christmas Party and Palani Awards  Mahalo again to Rick & Cheryl Mann for the wonderful hospitality and impressive cooking from Chef Rick.  A great group and a wonderful evening! So we took a few minutes to have our December meeting. Jay McLean called the meeting together & the Nov. minutes were approved. Jay thanked John Nadler for a great job as 2015 President & all he has done for the club. A very important award ceremony followed, led by Comedian Craig Walsh. Craig did a Palani Award for Curtis' Clorox theft - induced rage (CTIR).  He also did one for Jay's unannounced gecko flush - sphincter emergency shut down(UGFSESD). Also, Peter should have gotten a lifetime achievement award for his axle failure in the parking lot. Mr. Wonderful Curtis Fujimura  went right into relax mode when he was presented with a bottle of Clorox  representing the anxiety caused by whoever is drinking the reserve used at the club for the fresh water drums. 


4-27-2013 The OWSC Opener Curtis did his personal best ever....all the hard work paid off ! Congrats Curtis !
The Mid-Winter Open Tournament was 2-9-13. Tournament conditions were the best we can remember!  Eight skiers from the mainland added to the fun. The entourage that accompanied them made for a great post tournament party! Big thanks to Jim Walsh and Jay McLean for supporting the tournament and practices with their boats. 

Thanks also to Cameron Nadler for a great close up view of Tournament Day "The Joy of Skiing" 

2012 Christmas Party

2012 Ben, Curtis, Jay

2011 September's travel stories: We all love to get away from Paradise once in a while to experience other types of water-ski experiences. September was a busy month off-island for a big percentage of our club. ....There were various "Big Dawgs" lurking around the starting dock from all over the world at Okeeheelee Park in W. Palm Beach!

Baracelona, Spain                                                                             Ft. Lauderdale, FL - 2011

Okeeheelee Park in West Palm Beach -

Jay, Steve Schnitzer, Gayle

August 13, 2011 - summer/social bbq up in the country -

7-16-11 A JOB WELL DONE - Diamond head dock workday was a huge success!!! Mahalos to all who came to work your okole off and to support the cause!!! Our maximum boat parking has been restored...

Cristi Long - above 

July Dock Work - 2011

Cameron - May 2011 - working on 34mph

OWSC Opener Tournament was April 9th 2011 

February 12th, 2011 - the Hawaii Mid-Winter Special

The first tournament of the year ! After a month of variable wind and seabreezes, out tradewinds came back in the perfect window of time to give us great water for the Hawaii Mid-Winter Open. There were seven mainland competitors. The women were first on the water all having made their openers! We thank all the slalom skiers that helped judge, drive, score, and ski at the same time. Kudos to the mainland skiers who helped us out with their credentials also.

Video from the Hawaiian Mid-Winter Special, USAWS 1st Tournament of the year; as Cameron Nadler, OWSC's youngest slalom skier made a personal best with 1.5 @ 30 mph.

Coming back at 28mph is Cameron 2-12-2011-Hawaii Mid-Winter Open.

View the slideshow link from the tournament via youtube ~









2010 Elk's Club Xmas Party Click here to see the slideshow

2-18-10 Ryan Shimabukuro; Winter Olympics - Hawaii News Now w/Tannya Joaquin

2-6- 2010 A quick early morning set  - photos by David Long - music/Beach Boys "Carls Big Chance"   

12-12-09 ELK'S CLUB XMAS PARTY PHOTOS!December 12th, 2009 , the 2009 OWSC Christmas Partywas held at the Elk's Club in Waikiki! It was said to be one of the best parties in history! Many thanks to John Nadler for sponsoring the event! Party photos provided by Debbie Parke.......boat photos of Winterfest Ft.L, FLA & past Hawaii Kai Festival of Lights Parade.

8-13-09 Click here for Submarine Photos USS Buffalo article in The Observer ! - Jeff Long

Curtis, Dave, Jim, Gayle, Jeff, Chris, Rodger, Jay, Cristi, Cynthia, Ben, Stephanie, Benji.


Pro-bowl slalom tournament was 2/7/09


                Chris, Cristi, Gayle, Cynthia, and Stephanie 3-21-09                 4-11-09 owsc opener tournament starting dock


Da Boyz say wow, Jay has a new ski and it is HOT!