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OWSC Vintage Waterskiing (photos sent in by Kenny Cannon)

Kenny White (USAWS Hall of Fame) 

Tournament photos sent in by one of our mainland skiers (2013)  

Hawaii Kai Marina - 2004             Amanda           Shannon          Craig            Curtis           Curtis         Gayle         Billy

Old Video At the Club

Curtis - Curtis 34mph -   2009     Curtis 2019 

Ben   See Video of Ben    Ben 3-26-09  

Robert   See Tournament video of Robert 32 off 

Rodger   See Video of Rodger          

Cynthia   See Video of Cynthia

Cristi    Jeff    Jeff's tournament video -  28off         Jeffs tournament video - 3H AT 32 OFF

Jay   See Video of Jay

Cameron   Cameron 2-12-11 tournament    See Video of Cameron

Dave   See Tournament video of Dave at 22 off          Dave at 28 off            Dave at 2.5 at 32 off 

Jim    See Video of Jim         See Tournament video of Jim 34mph 

Chris  See Chris   


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2013 Mid-Winter Tournament






Historical photos(below) submitted by Bob Silverstein. Click on the numbers to see a larger view of the photos. Webmaster continues to solicit factual information regarding the club's history to be kept with club records for future generations. 

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