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The Oahu Water Ski Club was founded in 1961 by a group of water-skiers who wanted to promote the sport and have fun together.  The club site is located on the Island of Oahu and adjacent to the Honolulu airport inside Keehi Lagoon. The actual club house is located on a strip island called the Birm, and is directly across from the Keehi Lagoon State Boat Harbor launch ramps (see Contact & Location menu for map). This strip island was formed when the area was dredged to create protection for the Keehi Boat Harbor from tidal surges.  The Makai side of the birm was dredged to create an area specifically for water skiing.  The whole(triangular) area was created to form Seaplane runways for the famous Pan Am “Flying Boats” of the 1930’s. The club site has been used for competitive water-ski events since the early 1960’s with many national and regional competitors calling “The Birm” their home. Currently the OWSC sponsors two USA Water Ski (USAWS) tournaments per year. The ski site is fully equipped to run slalom, tricks, wakeboard, and jumping with a sub-buoy slalom ski course and judges towers. The club maintains boat docks and a clubhouse on the birm for the use of club members only.  You will need a boat ride out to the clubhouse, as the site is surrounded by water on all sides.   Owsc History Draft

2017 OFFICERS - President, R. Mann, V.P., M. Heatherly, Secretary, G. Paczolay, Treasurer, B. Plum


The History of Wakeboarding in Hawaii:A great read from our off-island member Ryan Shimaburo. He is one the Historical Advisors for the Wakeboard Hall of Fame. http://wakeboardinghalloffame.com/2016/01/15/hawaii-h20-wakeboardings-hawaiian-history-part-1-of-4/

 2015 Christmas Party and Palani Awards

Mahalo again to Rick & Cheryl Mann for the wonderful hospitality &  impressive  cooking from Chef Rick. A great group--a wonderful evening! So we took a few minutes to have our December meeting. Jay McLean called the meeting together & the Nov. minutes were approved. Jay thanked John Nadler for a great job as 2015 President & all he has done for the club. A very important award ceremony followed, led by Comedian Craig Walsh. Craig did a Palani Award for Curtis' Clorox theft - induced rage (CTIR).  He also did one for Jay's unannounced gecko flush - sphincter emergency shut down(UGFSESD). Also, Peter should have gotten a lifetime achievement award for his axle failure in the parking lot. Mr. Wonderful Curtis Fujimura  went right into relax mode when he was presented with a bottle of Clorox  representing the anxiety caused by whoever is drinking the reserve used at the club for the fresh water drums. 

The OWSC Opener was held 4-27-13.  Curtis did his personal best ever....all the hard work paid off ! Congrats Curtis !

The Mid-Winter Open Tournament was 2-9-13. Tournament conditions were the best we can remember!  Eight skiers from the mainland added to the fun. The entourage that accompanied them made for a great post tournament party! Big thanks to Jim Walsh and Jay McLean for supporting the tournament and practices with their boats. Thanks also to Cameron Nadler for a great close up view of Tournament Day "The Joy of Skiing"  https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=zH9Nu7IBkvM

Here is the entry form for the tournament -  Download Official Entry Form

 The LAST tournament for 2012 was April 28th. Conditions were great and records were set!

Highlights included:Robert – 34mph 1 @ 39.5off / Ben – 32mph 3.5 @ 28off / Ruthy – 32mph 5 @ 32off / Cameron – 36mph 3@ 15off / Jay – 34mph 1.5@ 15off .  Officials comment, "We ended up with 10 skiers, everyone, skiers and "athletic supporters" were wonderful about being there to help and learn to help increase our knowledge base to help grow our officials. Many worked, but did not ski in order to help the tournament run more smoothly......many thanks to all" - Cristi.............!

OWSC hosted the first USAWS sanctioned tournament of the year on February 4th 2012.

Here are some photos sent in by one of the mainland skiers. http://youtu.be/9HXyQnNNRRM  

SAND ISLAND  -  http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/15519381/state-unveils-sand-island-plan

REMEMBERING ANDY MAPPLE DAY NOVEMBER 4TH, 2004 on Members and Videos Page  


Brad - Scorer, Judge, Skier